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At LSP Corporation, we provide a full range of graphic arts services. Our talented artists and technicians work off of Macintosh and Windows platforms with all the latest application software. If you have a graphics-related project, we can help you through any part of the process. If you’re looking to improve your image, we provide design services of all types. Our experienced graphic artists can turn your concept into a completed product, whether it’s a logo, a pamphlet, a sign, or anything else. If you need a website update, LSP is the perfect place. We can create or update websites with robust, fully interactive mechanics and clean, modern designs.

For scanning services, LSP offers a wide array of options. We can do drum scanning, slide scanning, microfiche scanning, document scanning and photo scanning to accommodate any format. For the most accurate color production possible, we use a Howtek Scanmaster Pro 7500. This results in a crisp, vibrant digital image in either RGB or CMYK color systems. You can then seamlessly incorporate the scan into any other design.

For graphic design jobs that require printing, it’s important to ensure the integrity of the colors. The last thing you want is to pay for a hundreds of copies before you realize that the colors are off. At LSP Corp, we offer digital proofing, matchprints, and color keys to help eliminate this risk. With our 3M Proofing System, we can quickly produce accurate matchprints to test for any issues with colors. Once you’ve confirmed the color’s accuracy, we can proceed to printing. LSP stays equipped with the most up-to-date printers. They help us deliver pristine products with a fast turnaround.

LSP also specializes in laser photoplotting services. We’re proud of our powerful RIP station, equipped with Cymbolic Sciences Fire Series Laser Imagesetters. This state of the art film output printer ensures accurate data translation from digital file to film. We use the highest quality film in the industry for maximum resolution. It’s becoming harder and harder to find companies that still offer film output services, yet this process continues to be important in electronics circuit fabrication, offset printing, screen printing, photochemical etching, and panel membrane and graphic overlay manufacturing. LSP maintains this as an important part of our business. Whatever your graphics needs, LSP Corporation is committed to efficient turnarouds, helpful customer service, and a quality product. Check out us today.