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We’ve all dealt with service companies that create more headaches than they solve. They go back on their word, deliver late, and don’t do things the way they said they would. When it comes to electronic services, we feel quality customer service is of the utmost importance. At LSP Corporation, we’re committed to top-notch service that’s always on time and to your satisfaction.

We provide extensive services in printed circuit board engineering. Our in-house facilities include the most cutting edge technology in PCB design and manufacturing. We work on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems with IPC and/or Military Specifications to ensure the highest quality products. Our engineers have extensive design experience with all types of circuit board layouts, from single-sided PCBs to 4 layer PCBs. No matter how complex, LSP can handle your PCB design needs.

Additionally, we provide extensive scanning services to convert PCB artwork to the industry standard Gerber format. This is less expensive and much quicker than a redesign. A typical scanning service will take the raw image from the scan and “clean” it up by realigning the virtual circuitry. This results in messy lines, confusing artwork, and large file sizes. But at LSP, we use the scanned data as a template to completely rebuild and digitize your artwork, creating a robust Gerber file that looks like it was just designed in CAD. This level of quality ensures manufacturability, and it’s guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the source. Along with PDF to Gerber file conversions, we also offer conversions from Gerber to DXF and vice versa.

Is your bare or assembled printed circuit board missing artwork? You might be relieved to know that this is a common problem in the electronics industry. At LSP, we’ve developed advanced techniques for PCB reverse engineering. We can take circuit boards of any complexity and fill in the gaps to provide you with a matching design data package, complete with CAD design layouts, Gerber files, and schematic and fabrication drawings.

Finally, we offer testing and inspection services to insure quality during production. Our partnership with Integri-Test Corporation allows us to provide PCB testing with the cutting-edge Feather Light Probe. This is a cost-effective service for testing complex, high-density prototypes. For PCB inspection, we use Optrotech Vision 206/206E systems with Automatic Optical Inspection technology. This allows us to scan your PCB panels and mark defects directly on the panel, making repairs easier than ever.

If you have any printed circuit board needs, check out our website. LSP Corporation is the largest PCB Engineering Service Bureau in California, and we’re committed to your satisfaction.